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Willow R. Wonder is a pilates instructor, dancer, choreographer, dance teacher and Zero Balancing bodwork practioner.

Meet Willow

     I began my career as a dancer and choreographer with a BFA from SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Dance. I have been teaching, performing, and living in Vermont since 2000. I continue to teach ballet and modern dance at the Contemporary Dance and Fitness Studio in Montpelier, VT. I also co-lead workshops in Improvisation with Alana Rancourt-Phinney. ​

     In 2001, I became a certified Ashtanga Yoga Teacher after training with David Swenson. I taught Ashtanga Yoga for 5 years, eventually integrating it into my dance classes for warming up. In 2013, I became a Pilates Instructor, comprehensively trained on all the apparatus through Polestar PilatesTM. I have been teaching Pilates ever since at
Essential Physical Therapy and Pilates in Montpelier, VT.  Working in a physical therapy setting has given me a wealth of knowledge and experience helping clients who have specific challenges and/or diagnoses. 

     In March of 2022, I became certified in Zero Balancing. I didn’t know it at the time, but my relationship with ZB went back to 1997 when, during my dance training at Purchase College, I was introduced to Klein TechniqueTM. Susan Klein, [(L Ac, MAc, Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM)], a dancer and certified acupuncturist, devised her movement technique in the early ’70s. Klein TechniqueTM is based on aligning the skeletal system to allow the body’s most efficient transfer of energy throughout the body. After many years of dance training, I found that the Klein TechniqueTM has had the biggest impact on my development as a dancer. 

     I had no idea that Susan Klein was also connected to Zero Balancing until 2019 when I came across ZB at my chiropractor’s office. The ZB brochure’s reference to “energy held in the bones” grabbed my attention. After so many years of dancing with an awareness of the bones, I was drawn to this type of bodywork. Once I received a session and began my training in 2020, I discovered that Susan Klein was not only a Zero Balancing Practitioner but also a senior faculty member of the Zero Balancing Health Association. The link of Klein Technique to ZB brought into focus the bridge I was looking for between my dance practice and the healing bodywork I was pursuing. I felt that I had found my path.  

I am eager and excited to connect my two worlds—as both a dancer and a bodyworker—and provide healing that integrates vital energy with the life-giving forces of the bones.

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