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Benefits of ZB

ZB is safe and effective for adults and children of any age.  The benefits are wide and varied, addressing all levels of mind, body, and spirit. They include:

  • Reduction of stress, tension, pain, and other vulnerabilities that often lead to illness. 

  • A recent study found that one 30-minute ZB session can offer a person an average of 61% stress reduction versus a 12% reduction during an equivalent rest period.          

  • Help with symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, depression, addiction, and many other mental/emotional health challenges.

  • Increased ease in all kinds of physical movement.

  • More restful sleep.

  • Greater overall energy, vitality, and creativity. 

  • Increased ability to adjust to major life changes.

  • Integration after a psychedelic experience

  • Recent studies have shown that ZB can help people embody their new awareness more deeply after psychedelic therapy. You can read an article on the study done here.

 For more on the science behind Zero Balancing, check out the website Find additional studies under the Research menu. 

History of ZB

ZB was developed in the 1970’s by Fritz Fredrick Smith, MD, an American physician, osteopath, and acupuncturist. Dr. Smith, born in 1929, was one of the first Western physicians to comprehensively study acupuncture, meditation, and other eastern methods of healing. Dr. Smith sought to bring the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine to a Western modality and practice. Zero Balancing is his legacy—a synthesis of Eastern and Western thought and method. Dr. Smith is the author of two books,  Inner Bridges and The Alchemy of Touch. A biography of Dr. Smith, Life in the Bones, is written by David Lauterstein. Dr. Smith lives in Palm Springs, California, with his wife Aminah Raheem.


What to expect at your Zero Balancing appointment

A ZB session starts with a short conversation to discover your intention for the session that takes into account your hopes and desires. This can include anything that feels relevant for you on any level— physical, mental/emotional, or spiritual.  We simply ask, “How can this session be of service to you?” Once stated, your intention is held energetically by the practitioner during the session as a possibility for you to embody. This brings the power of intention to the work done within the session. 

A standard ZB session lasts 45 minutes and is done lying on a massage table with clothes on. The practitioner's touch meets your body at a point of Interface, a term describing a type of touch that does not stream or absorb energy. Rather, at Interface, the touch of the practitioner is applied with a clear energetic boundary and with full attention to the physical point of contact. The practitioner then feels for areas of tension or blocked energy and applies a gentle pressure or traction called a fulcrum into the area. The fulcrum is held briefly in stillness to give the body a chance to reorganize around the point of contact. 


Each person will have a different experience in a ZB session, but in general, the session is deeply relaxing and puts you in touch with your deepest self. After the session, you briefly walk around the space to integrate your new awareness. You may feel the positive ripples as you go about your life.


To make a Zero Balancing Appointment

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