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Zero Balancing is a type of hands-on bodywork that helps release held tension in the skeletal system. These structural and energetic blocks may be compromising the body’s greatest healing potential. Once there is alignment of the structure, the body will be able to transfer energy more effectively and efficiently. Because the bones are the most foundational tissue of the body, ZB allows one to gain a new awareness of, and have greater access, to the deepest parts of oneself. 

The Zero Balancing protocol addresses the whole body with specific attention to the foundation joints. Foundation joints are involved with the transmission of mechanical and energetic forces and have no voluntary motion. If these joints are compromised, it can greatly affect the rest of the body. When aligned and balanced, energy can more freely flow at the deepest physical level.

With this release, one can experience a new level of wholeness, vitality, and connection to themselves and others. Zero Balancing allows one to feel more at ease and connected with their inner power as they move forward in life.

Willow Wonder offers a zero balancing bodywork session to a client.

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“I have had astounding results from her work.   I emerge glowing.   I recommend her without reservation.  She is kind, caring, skillful and effective.”

— Anonymous client, Worcester, VT


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